Help the community

Hey there’s a few ways you can help us out.

Website Updates

Our website is hosted on Github. If there’s interest we’ll write up a more detailed description on how you can edit/update the site, but for now we’ll say this: you just need a web browser, and if you’re interested email Steven to get started.

We’re still in the process of porting over old articles from the community wiki, so there’s a great way you could help.


Do you know of any cool puzzle events around east Alabama, or other topics of interest for the Auburn puzzle community? We have a blog on this site, and we also have an email newsletter. We try to use the newsletter sparingly, but you can immediately make your announcement on the website. You can ping Steven to get in on either loop.

Organize an Event!!

Oh my, how did we list this last? The best way you can contribute to the community is by running an event! Potlucks are by far the easiest events to run, but if you’ve got some puzzles looking for an audience, we can always use more puzzlehunt organizers as well. If you don’t know how to get started, you can always ask around and any community member would be glad to help.